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The oral arguments in Harrington v. Aggregate Industries-Northeast Region Inc. focused on Joseph Harrington’s appeal of a summary judgment order against him issued by Judge William Young District of Massachusetts. Harrington Pumice Crusher claims that the proximity of the settlement and Aggregate’s employment action is a factual dispute that should have survived summary judgment. The company claims Harrington was terminated for refusing to submit to a random drug test. In September 2009, Harrington filed a lawsuit alleging his job termination a few days after his employer settled the whistleblower case he initiated violated federal law barring retaliation against whistleblowers.

In January 2011, Young granted Aggregate’s summary judgment motion against Harrington. He issued a final judgment that May. One of Harrington’s fellow whistleblowers, Timothy Chase, voluntarily dismissed his claims in November 2009. His co-plaintiff, Donald Finney, settled in April 2011 and Young dismissed him from the case in May. Harrington and Finney, who were both ready-mix concrete truck drivers at Aggregate filed a qui tam case in June 2005 that claimed that Aggregate supplied substandard concrete to the government in the Big Dig.Vulcan held talks with Scoria Crusher Martin Marietta over many months and determined that a combination did not make economic sense for the Company and would not enhance value for Vulcan shareholders. Martin Marietta misrepresents the potential value from the combined company: its synergy assessment is unrealistically aggressive and it ignores the value destruction resulting from divestitures.

The government later sued Aggregate, which pleaded guilty to criminal and civil charges and paid damages. Harrington claims he was fired for pretextual reasons immediately after the the whistleblower case settled in July 2007. According to Harrington’s brief, Aggregate’s management told Harrington that he needed to take a physical before returning to work that July after some time off. Aggregate’s brief characterized the time away as a seasonal layoff. Harrington refused on the ground that his union contract didn’t require it. He claimed that other similarly Obsidian Crusher situated drivers were not required to take a physical. Vulcan’s assessment of antitrust risk makes use of its experience on the most relevant transactions in the industry, and Vulcan’s assessment of its standalone prospects is based on analyst consensus views. We encourage our respective shareholders to carefully analyze the validity of Martin Marietta’s claims. Vulcan will continue to meet with our shareholders and share our vision for Vulcan’s future.

The company is preparing to debut a new portfolio of ultra-high-specification positioning and measurement solutions for the construction industry at the event, which is taking place in Las Vegas on January 24-27.Mike Reed, who heads up Leica’s machine control division in North America, said that the highly-anticipated innovations are likely to mark a major shift in the way that construction trade tasks are performed. He said that the new tools on offer will allow for construction workflow efficiency to be made better than ever.This year’s is especially exciting for Portable Aggregate Plants Leica Geosystems because we’re unveiling new solutions that will fundamentally impact the construction workflow for years to come,” Reed explained. “We are talking about unprecedented new levels of versatility and profitability gains for construction contractors.”The trade show itself will welcome hundreds of the world’s top construction technology companies to the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Attendees of the event will be able to get a first look at the latest innovations in machine control technology, laser-based solutions and the most advanced GPS-guided tools.

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